Whole Food Downtown

Downtown Miami’s brand new Whole Foods Market, the one underneath the Monarc at Met 3 construction site, has a mural-covered parking garage. It’s like Wynwood in there, but with more parking, and situated vertically between a construction site and a fancy supermarket.

The New Times interviewed the organizer of the murals for Whole Foods, Yo Miami, “an organization that has its fingers and toes deep in the art scene”, who says that they’re painted by a catalogue of great Miami muralists, including Trek 6, Kazilla, Luis Berros, Nate Dee, Monz, Rei Ramirez, Jenny Perez, Jorge Rodriguez, Atomik, Yuhmi Collective, and Noah Levy. Most of the murals seem to be connected to themes of food, or at least nature in some way, with giant chickens, anthropomorphic tomatoes, fish, and somebody wearing a giant orange peel as a hat.

They’re now open! the store offers the metropolitan area a plethora of unique innovations. They include:

• Jugofresh has a store-within-a-store offering juices, smoothies and vegan quick-bites curated by Jugofresh chef Darren Laszlo.

• Miami landmark, Versailles Restaurant, is a supplier at Whole Foods Market serving healthy variations of classic Cuban dishes.

• The MET café is a quick-service coffee and espresso bar with empanadas, croquettes, Latin pastries, and other hot and cold selections. The café has a separate entrance with grab & go items and coffee; perfect for downtowners on the go.

• The Prepared Foods department features a number of items that will be unique to the Downtown Miami location. Options include:

o La Churrasqueira – a Brazilian-style meat station offering churrasco BBQ and sides

o Monsiuer Cubano Sandwich – roast pork and cotto ham Cuban sandwich on a French Brioche bun

o Sushi Maki – freshly prepared sushi varieties, as well as Hawaiian Poke and Peruvian Ceviche-style rice bowls

Taking public transportation to visit our store? Great! We love doing the green thing too! The closest Metro Mover stops are the Bayfront Park stop or the Knight Center stop. If you will be driving we have a dedicated parking garage located on 2nd street. Parking rates are:

– 1st hour is free with a purchase

– 2nd hour is free with a $25 purchase

– After 2 hours it is $10 per half-hour

by Sean McCaughan

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